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Thank you!


I opened my first business a year ago, and believe me when I say the Sales People come out of the wood work, when they know your wet behind the ears.  Although, when Dave came to me, he was more like a problem solver. I would tell him a problem I was having with the alarm, dryer, computers or what ever was on the list for the day, and if he didn't know how to fix it, he knew someone that did. That was a big weight off my shoulders, knowing I had someone else that had a number of skilled professionals that could help.


Dave set up my credit card machines, not only got the lowest rate possible, but was only a phone call away from any questions, or problem solving if need be.


I couldn't have opened another store if it wasn't for Dave and his roll up his sleeve attitude. 


If your looking to start a business or just need one less headache with your business, call Dave. I  promise he will roll up his sleeves for you.


Canine Design

Kim Rockhold, Owner



Highly recommend!


  I would highly recommend the services of Dave Linder, the Founder of Evolution Network.
His knowledge and attention to detail has saved my Business., Curry's Video Plus, a considerable amount of money. Dave is very thorough and also easy to work with.  He is always willing to take the time to discuss any concerns and respond to my questions.
   He still continues to check back with me periodically to be sure that things are running as they should.

Curry's Video Plus

Candace P. Curry, Owner



Flexible from the start!


Dave demonstrated timely advice and information under tight time contraints. He was very informed and flexible from the start, and has continued to "be there" to support the success of my business during a very challenging first year!


Alec's Day Spa

Kim Horine, Owner



Strong after the sale support!


Dave was very professional and knowledgeable upgrading our credit card machine. Dave has very strong after the sale support, he made the whole process simple and easy.


Tinder Box

Dave Marlar, Operations Manager


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